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Find and Replace word
This program used Java Development Kid 6.0 and i were using HighLighter class. It was completed code with source code and then everybody can use in everything. I use it for my assignment of NCC Education on IAD(International Advanced Diploma).


I used JDK_v6.0 and you must be install Java Run time Enviroment to run this program. You can find the word in sentences of the file or you can test to find word by typing the sentence in the text area of the program. And then click find button, but you can not use shortcut(Ctrl+F), i so sorry about problem. But you can repair my code. I welcome to you if you repaired this program. Thank you!

You can find only one word. Example("word").
If you typed the words in the find box, display error message.

Procedure To Run

Step - 1
*Install Java Runtime Enviroment in your operation system.
*Download Source and Example File to your computer.
*Click Find_Replace.exe

*You can easy use this program. You have any error, you can see the error message. So that you can possible to correct by instruction of message.

If you have any problem, you can contact to this email

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